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  • Diaphragm pump diameter choice

    The choice of diaphragm pump is very meticulous work, not only must have the solid specialized theory knowledge, but also have rich practical experience.Is a good choice is not only beneficial to adjust the setting of PID parameters of cont

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  • Diaphragm Pump Selection Of The Actuator

    1:output force Actuator regardless of type, the output power is used to overcome the effective of load (mainly refers to the unbalanced force and unbalanced torque and friction, sealing force, gravity and so on) the action of forces.Therefor

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  • Diaphragm pump composition and type selection

    Diaphragm pump role in the process control is to accept the regulator control signal, or computer change modulated medium flow, make the modulated maintain within the scope of the required parameters, so as to achieve the automation of produ

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  • Method and the matters needing attention in the selection of

    First, the model selection of the gear pump to choose according to customer specific requirements. Second, to figure out what is the transmission medium, the gear viscosity. Third, the gear pump used in actual temperature is more high. Four

    Date:2017-12-14 Click:169

  • Diesel Engine Driven Self-Priming Pump Sets

    C series Diesel Engine Driven Self-Priming Pump Sets Delivery Detail:25-30days Specification: 1. Inlet/Outlet: 2(50mm), 3(80mm), 4(100mm), 6(150mm), 8(200mm), 10(250mm), 12(300mm) 2. Rotary Speed: 550RPM-2150 RPM 3. Impeller Diameter: 158.7

    Date:2017-12-14 Click:1135

  • stainless 316 gear pumps

    A range of applications ZCK Series stainless 316 gear pumps Scope: ZCK 316 stainless steel gear pump for conveying solid particles and fibers, high temperature or corrosive liquids, ZCK stainless steel gear pump temperature no higher than 2

    Date:2017-12-14 Click:1568

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