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  • NYP220 internal gear pump structural principle

    NYP220 internal gear pump structural principle,internal gear pump - china haina pump

    Date:2013-04-21 Click:1130

  • The installation of the gear pump seal

    Install the gear pump seal, keep the shaft and seal concentric, coated with a layer of lubricant in the appearance of the seal, sealed and then slowly push the seal chamber. Check the seal gap with a feeler, and its value generally 0.10mm; c

    Date:2013-04-21 Click:61

  • 316 stainless steel gear pump manufacturer

    316 stainless steel gear pump manufacturer - China haina pump Provide you with high quality 316 stainless steel gear pump

    Date:2013-04-20 Click:102

  • NYP Serise Internal Gear Pump,nyp220,nyp320,nyp111a

    NYP series internal gear pump is a kind of new positive displacement pump, and is designed according to the different fields requirements of petroleum, chemical industry, paint, medicine, foodstuff and so on. It widly applies to a variety o

    Date:2013-04-18 Click:128

  • Internal gear pump structure

    Our company specializes in transporting high viscosity media internal gear pump . The internal structure of the gear pump, which is replaced by the rotor gear cover from the pump before, inside and outside the rotor, shaft, bracket, pump se

    Date:2013-04-04 Click:161

  • Correct choice of gear pump

    1, the liquid medium, which contains the name of the liquid medium, the physical media, the chemical mediators and other media, physical medium temperature c density d, the viscosity u, of solids in the medium, the particle diameter and the

    Date:2013-04-04 Click:69

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