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Correct choice of gear pump

1, the liquid medium, which contains the name of the liquid medium, the physical media, the chemical mediators and other media, physical medium temperature c density d, the viscosity u, of solids in the medium, the particle diameter and the gas content, etc., this relates to the pressure of the system, thepower calculation and suitable pump types: chemical media, mainly refers the chemical corrosive and toxic liquid medium, is the choice of the gear pump and an important basis for use is a shaft seal type.
2, the flow is one of the optional internal gear pump performance data, and it is directly related to the production capacity and the transmission capacity of the entire device. Cycloid gear pump is selected, based on the maximum flow, taking into account the normal flow, in the absence of a maximum flow of 1.1 times the normal flow as a maximum flow, usually desirable. General industrial pumps can be ignored in the flow amount of a leakage in the piping system, but must be considered the impact of process changes on the flow.
3, the apparatus required for the system pressure is another important performance data selected gear pump, generally use larger margin of 5% -10% after pressure to select the model of the cycloid gear pump. This includes: the pressure drop (pressure loss) pool Suction pressure oil discharge pool pressure in the piping system.
4, kcb gear pump configuration system piping configuration condition is liquid delivery head, liquid feed flow direction of the liquid feeding. Calculated for the system pressure and power check. Pipeline system data (diameter, length, type of pipe accessories and data, oil absorption pool to the pressure sump geometric elevation).

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