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  • Internal gear pump structure

    Our company specializes in transporting high viscosity media internal gear pump . The internal structure of the gear pump, which is replaced by the rotor gear cover from the pump before, inside and outside the rotor, shaft, bracket, pump se

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  • Correct choice of gear pump

    1, the liquid medium, which contains the name of the liquid medium, the physical media, the chemical mediators and other media, physical medium temperature c density d, the viscosity u, of solids in the medium, the particle diameter and the

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  • Day-to-day maintenance of the gear pump

    Unavoidable when gear pump to be closed on the wear of the gear pump, so there will be many problems, so we have to learn the most common kcb gear pump service technician. With the problem can make an accurate judgment, the next I as we tal

    Date:2013-04-04 Click:194

  • Extend the service life of the screw pump screw

    Reduce the number of screw pump stopped well, replacement of sand wells should be stopped well before using water or without sand liquid pump and tubing within the well fluid. Prevent the emergence of the phenomenon of sand buried tubing (g

    Date:2013-04-02 Click:91

  • Knowledge of the oil pump maintenance

    Jog the motor, and proved that the motor rotation is correct. 2, start the motor when the oil pump normal operation, open the outlet pressure gauge and imports, as the vacuum pump to gradually open the valve, showing the proper pressure, ch

    Date:2013-03-28 Click:113

  • KCB gear pump advantages

    KCB gear pump gears, using the most advanced point continuous contact double arc plus sinusoidal composite tooth profile between two engaging tooth profile point continuous contact, does not produce the phenomenon of trapped oil, completely

    Date:2013-03-28 Click:160

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