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Internal gear pump structure

Our company specializes in transporting high viscosity media internal gear pump. The internal structure of the gear pump, which is replaced by the rotor gear cover from the pump before, inside and outside the rotor, shaft, bracket, pump seal, bearings and other components.
There are two internal gear pump seal, a packing seal, a mechanical seal. Medium high temperature, viscosity, corrosive, it is recommended to use the packing seal.
If the transportation medium crystal easy curing, suggested the use of the internal gear pump pump body with insulation jacket, insulation melted media can work through steam or heat-conducting oil.
The pump is equipped with a safety valve when the pump or piping system overpressure, the safety valve will automatically open the valve, Kai overload protective effect, form internal recirculation pumps to ensure system security.
Internal gear pump oil motor directly connected to the pulley connected reducer connection, three connections. See the pump from the motor to the back-end, compared to the left into the right.
I produced the gear pump of good quality, welcome customers consultative procurement.

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