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Knowledge of the oil pump maintenance

Jog the motor, and proved that the motor rotation is correct.
2, start the motor when the oil pump normal operation, open the outlet pressure gauge and imports, as the vacuum pump to gradually open the valve, showing the proper pressure, check the motor load.
3, such as the oil pump abnormal sound reason should immediately stop checking.
4, the oil pump during operation, the bearing temperature can not exceed the ambient temperature 35C, the maximum temperature not exceeding 80C.
5, try to control the pump flow and head on the plate to indicate the range, to ensure that the oil pump at maximum efficiency point operation, in order to get the most out of the energy-saving effect.
Regularly check the oil pump bearings and seals wear, wear larger should be replaced as.
7, the oil pump in the winter season, after coming to a stop, the pump body lower part of the oil drain plug unscrew the media put the net. Prevent the conducting oil contains water pump Donglie.
8, the oil pump long-term disabled, the pump all apart, dry water, rotating parts and junction coated with grease installed properly protected.
9, the oil pump to stop using, first turn off the valve, pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.
10 oil pump in the first month of work, 100 hours replacement of oil after each 500 hours, oil change.
11, regular checks of the anchor of the pump inlet and outlet pipeline is loose, the support is not in place to prevent the oil pump the pump to withstand external forces.

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