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Day-to-day maintenance of the gear pump

Unavoidable when gear pump to be closed on the wear of the gear pump, so there will be many problems, so we have to learn the most common kcb gear pump service technician. With the problem can make an accurate judgment, the next I as we talk about the most common repair techniques:
Working plane maintenance: If the pump cover working plane wear small yourself grinding method to eliminate signs of wear, and that put a little valve sand on the platform or thick glass plate, and then pump cover on top grinding until the signs of wear worn away until the work surface is flat. If the pump cover working plane wear depth of more than 0.1 mm, it is necessary to take the first turning in grinding of service.
Drive shaft bushing hole repair maintenance methods: active shaft bushing hole repair the housing of the pump drive shaft bushing hole cover wear wear.
The repair of the pump housing cavity: oil pump housing cavity wear take intracavity casement repair upcoming intracavity Boring large inlaid with cast iron or steel liner. Casement, honing the lumen of the required size, and stretched out the end face of the bushing wore off, and the combination of the internal gear pump casing was flush.
3 seat maintenance: pressure limiting valve ball valve and plunger valve two. Spherical valve seat wear, a steel ball can be placed on the seat, and then gently tapping with a metal rod steel ball until the ball valve and valve seat seal until. If the seat is badly worn, hinge slashing to the wear scar, and then on the law so close together. Plunger seat wear, you can put a little valve sand grinding mill up to the adhesion.
Above that is for the most basic gear asphalt pump repair parts, we in the application process may also experience other aspects of the problem, we have to seriously discussed these different issues to figure out where the problem lies reasons.

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