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KCB gear pump advantages

KCB gear pump gears, using the most advanced point continuous contact double arc plus sinusoidal composite tooth profile between two engaging tooth profile point continuous contact, does not produce the phenomenon of trapped oil, completely solve involute gear pumpcause pump vibration, noise, bearing load increases due to the phenomenon of trapped oil. Arc gear pump with high efficiency, low noise, and has a good energy saving effect.
KCB gear pump has a safety valve as an overload protection, safety valve return pressure for the pump rated discharge pressure of 1.5 times. Allows discharge pressure range in accordance with the actual need to be adjusted separately. But pay attention to the safety valve can not be the the relief valve long-term work, when required separately in the pipeline installation.
The circular shaft end seal design for the two forms, a mechanical seal, a packing seal, can be determined according to the specific usage and user requirements.

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