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Extend the service life of the screw pump screw

Reduce the number of screw pump stopped well, replacement of sand wells should be stopped well before using water or without sand liquid pump and tubing within the well fluid. Prevent the emergence of the phenomenon of sand buried tubing (gas Anchor), sand card.
Promotion of the use of variable frequency control technology to resolve the pumping speed of the shiny rod and can reduce the determination of the starting torque, the full realization of the real-time, automatic, continuous, slow release of reverse torque, reducing torque and shear force in the motor suddenly started suddenly liter high, to avoid a reversal reduces the sucker rod broken off the chance to extend the check period, but just as the use of the soft-start device for the complex geological conditions at sea, the screw pump gas, water, oil content in different pressure different from the reality of the situation, it is recommended that all the oil pump wells installed inverter speed unified adjusted (frequency 50 Hz, the drive head 5:1) 186 r / min inverter speed control by adjusting the frequency through trials to select the maximum efficiency point, greatly reducing the labor intensity.

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