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  • Three screw pump structure

    Three screw pump is a new type of transmission fluid machinery, has the advantages of simple structure, safe and reliable operation, easy maintenance, continuously even, stable pressure. A use of the rotation of the screw pump to suction li

    Date:2017-03-08 Click:185

  • Engine-Driven Trash Pumps

    Self-priming Engine-Driven Trash Pumps , heavy duty solids-handling (trash), high head, engine driven pumps with advanced design and maintenance features. Packaging Delivery Packaging Detail: exporting plywood case packing Delivery Detail:

    Date:2013-06-12 Click:790

  • KCB serise gear oil pump,kcb2500,kcb3800,kcb5400

    KCB serise gear oil pump Specifications KCB5400,kcb2500,kcb3800 Bare Shaft Gear Oil Pump 1. Best KCB series gear pump. 2. Large rate of flow. 3. Widely usage. KCB 5400 Bare Shaft Gear Oil Pump KCB5400, 5400L/Min, 0.6Mpa, Gear oil pump KCB 3

    Date:2013-05-08 Click:1114

  • KCB series gear pump,kcb2500,kcb3800,kcb5400

    KCB series gear pump structural features This series of gear pumps are composed of gears, shafts, pump, safety valve, shaft seal. Gear high hardness and strength, heat-treated shaft mounted within the sleeve can be replaced with the operati

    Date:2013-05-04 Click:1171

  • BW-LQ series asphalt pump structure

    BW-LQ series asphalt pump pump has a hollow sandwich and outlet flanges, thermal oil, steam, hot water and other media can be used to transport liquids and pump heat insulation and cooling. Asphalt pump shaft seal using a multi-stage reflux

    Date:2013-04-30 Click:975

  • 3G three screw pump assembly

    3G three screw pump assembly, Attention: 1, the assembly should be part of the three screw carefully cleaned, checked, damaged parts should be replaced; 2, 20,000 drive shaft to coupling assembly line, should check the seals for damage, gre

    Date:2013-04-30 Click:1157

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