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Three screw pump structure

Three screw pump is a new type of transmission fluid machinery, has the advantages of simple structure, safe and reliable operation, easy maintenance, continuously even, stable pressure. A use of the rotation of the screw pump to suction liquid, it is the most suitable for the suction viscous liquid.
Three screw pump structure
        Three screw pump is a single-screw transport pump, the main working parts of the eccentric screw spiral body (called the rotor) and the inner surface of the screw bushings of the double helical surface (called the stator). Its working principle is when the motor drive shaft rotates, the screw will rotate around its own axis, the other hand it rolling along the inner surface of the bush, so the formation of the pump seal chamber. Screw each revolution of the sealed chamber of the liquid to move forward with a pitch, with the continuous rotation of the screw, the liquid spiral manner from a sealed chamber pressure sealed chamber to another, and finally the extrusion pump.
        As can be seen from the working principle, three screw pump has the following advantages:
        1) a wide range of pressure and flow. Pressure of about 3.4-340 kgf / cm 2 flow up to 18600cm3 / min;
        2) the type and viscosity of a wide range transport of liquids;
        3) because the inertial force of the rotary pump member is lower, it can use a high speed;
        4) inhalation of good performance, the ability to self-absorption;
        5) uniform continuous flow, small vibration, low noise;
        6) compared with other rotary pumps, gas and dirt to enter the less sensitive;
        7) solid structure, easy installation and maintenance.
        The three screw shortcomings, screw machining and assembly requirements; pump performance is more sensitive to changes in the viscosity of the liquid....
3G three screw pump

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