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KCB series gear pump,kcb2500,kcb3800,kcb5400

KCB series gear pump structural features
This series of gear pumps are composed of gears, shafts, pump, safety valve, shaft seal. Gear high hardness and strength, heat-treated shaft mounted within the sleeve can be replaced with the operation. Pump lubrication of all parts in the pump work automatically to the output media.
The rational design of drain back to the oil sump, pump gear torque force at work bear minimum bearing load, wear, high pump efficiency.Model:kcb2500,kcb3800,kcb5400
KCB_series_gear_pump_kcb2500_kcb3800_kcb5400The kcb gear pump has a safety valve as overload protection, safety valve return pressure pump rated 1.5 times the negative pressure, to allow the discharge pressure range according to the actual need for additional adjustment. Attention to this safety valve, pressure reducing valve can not be long-term work needed in the pipeline prior to installation.
With the growth in the use of time, the gear pump oil pump, not even the oil pump failure, the main reason is that the parts wear too much. Wear parts of the gear pump drive shaft and bushing, center hole of the driven gear shaft pin, the pump housing cavity with the gear, the gear end and pump cover. Lubricating oil pump wear its main technical indicators meet the requirements, the demolition should be decomposed, to identify the location and extent of wear and tear, to take the appropriate way to be repaired.
1:KCB gear pump driving shaft and bushing wear after repair
Gear pump drive shaft and bushing wear, with the gap increasing, will affect the fuel pump. If this can be repair the drive shaft or bush returns to its normal with the gap. Drive shaft minor wear, simply press out the old bushings and put the standard size bushing, with the gap can be restored to the permitted range. If the driving shaft and bushing wear serious and seriously overweight with the gap, not only to replace the bushing, and the application of chrome or vibration welding method to increase the diameter of the drive shaft, and then grinding to a standard size, recovery and bushing with the requirements.
Second, the KCB series gear pump housing housing Crack Repair Repair:
The shell cracks can be cast 508 nickel-copper electrode welding repair. Weld shall close and $ holes, in conjunction with the pump cover the face flatness error is less than 0.05 mm.
Repair drive shaft bushing hole with the driven shaft bore wear: wear of the drive shaft bushing hole, reaming available method to eliminate signs of wear, and equipped with the increase to the appropriate size bushing. The driven shaft bore wear reaming method to eliminate signs of wear, and then the actual size of the hole by reaming after preparation of the driven shaft of the pump housing cavity repair: the wear of the pump housing cavity, in general, the repair of the inner chamber casement Law, upcoming cavity Boring inlaid with cast iron or steel liner. Casement, the cavity is boring to the required size, and the protruding end of the bushing wore off, flush it and the pump casing the joint surface. Seat repair: pressure limiting valve ball valve and plunger valve two. Spherical seat wear a ball on the seat, and then gently tap the ball with a metal rod, until the ball valve and the valve seat is snug. Seat wear serious hinge can be trimmed to wear scar the adhesion then on the law. Plunger seat wear, you can add a little valve sand grinding, until it is firm.

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