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BW-LQ series asphalt pump structure

BW-LQ series asphalt pump pump has a hollow sandwich and outlet flanges, thermal oil, steam, hot water and other media can be used to transport liquids and pump heat insulation and cooling.
Asphalt pump shaft seal using a multi-stage reflux temperature packing seal, reliable sealing performance.
2, asphalt pump main component parts of the pump, insulation sandwich, gear, front and back cover, and shaft seal device. Parts of the pump and insulation sandwich with the contact portion of the high temperature medium materials
Class II, namely: Cast Carbon Steel structure manufacturing. Gear, bearing sleeve, the main driven shaft are of high quality carbon structural steel with high strength and wear resistance and heat treated.
3, asphalt pump and motor with flexible coupling connection, mounted in a cast iron chassis.
4, the asphalt pump the oil inlet and outlet and the heating pipe oil inlet and outlet are standard flange connection (GB/T9116-2000).
Delivery pressure according to user needs;
2, can be made according to customer demand, alloy pump, corrosion gear pump, explosion-proof pumps;
3, according to user needs, design, installation, testing and other processes.
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