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3G three screw pump assembly

3G three screw pump assembly, Attention:
1, the assembly should be part of the three screw carefully cleaned, checked, damaged parts should be replaced;
2, 20,000 drive shaft to coupling assembly line, should check the seals for damage, grease filled in the cavity;
Properly installed bearings the shaft rotation flexibility, no jamming.
4, the shaft seal installation: the installation of the stuffing should be the gland the bolts position in the the casing installation window, easy wrench adjusting bolt;
5, the discharge the body pressed is fixed, tighten the nut should be uniform;
6, mechanical seal installation should be careful, the friction face should be clean and coated with grease;
7, when installing the stator, lubricating oil painting rotor, the luminal surface of the stator, is conducive to the stator mounting;
8, when the assembly is installed, the coupling misalignment: △ Y ≤ 0.2mm △
Three screw pump removal procedure:
1, three screw pump and motor from the emptying medium (to prevent motors, toxic media wounding);
2, demolition of three screw pump discharge;
3, remove the three screw pump stator shaft steering wheel shaft as an aid when necessary;
4, remove the rotor and the intermediate shaft;
5, remove the drive shaft and shaft seal;
7, is not being used for a long period of three screw, to make anti-rust treatment, coated with antirust grease paint metal surface, including the surface of the shaft, fillers housing bore and lubrication.
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