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  • KCB gear pump works

    KCB gear pump is a volumetric pump, consisting of two closed space by two gears, pump, front and rear cover, when the rotation of the gear, the gear disengagement side of the volume of the space becomes large small, forming a vacuum, the li

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  • Internal gear pump maintenance

    Internal gear pump the common gear pump of a constructor and truth, which is running smooth and the use of life was significantly better than existing gear pump. New gear pump is the smallest unit displacement pump as optimization purposes,

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  • Knowledge of the oil pump maintenance

    Jog the motor, and proved that the motor rotation is correct. 2, start the motor when the oil pump normal operation, open the outlet pressure gauge and imports, as the vacuum pump to gradually open the valve, showing the proper pressure, ch

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  • KCB gear pump advantages

    KCB gear pump gears, using the most advanced point continuous contact double arc plus sinusoidal composite tooth profile between two engaging tooth profile point continuous contact, does not produce the phenomenon of trapped oil, completely

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  • Gear pump above safety valve

    Above the safety valve of the type of gear pump displacement gear pump with safety valve with spring-loaded safety valves and safety valve two forms of one action. Safety valve back seat pressure Ph when the gear pump discharge pressure is

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  • Asphalt pump correct steps

    The the asphalt pump steps (1) preparation before use. Gear pumps must be checked before starting the pump and motor. For example, the presence or absence of stuck and not flexible; fillers are tight; each component is securely connected; lu

    Date:2013-03-24 Click:76

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