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KCB serise gear oil pump,kcb2500,kcb3800,kcb5400

KCB serise gear oil pump Specifications

KCB5400,kcb2500,kcb3800 Bare Shaft Gear Oil Pump
1. Best KCB series gear pump.
2. Large rate of flow.
3. Widely usage.

KCB-serise-gear-oil-pump-kcb2500-kcb3800-kcb5400KCB 5400 Bare Shaft Gear Oil Pump
KCB5400, 5400L/Min, 0.6Mpa, Gear oil pump
KCB 3800 Bare Shaft Gear Oil Pump
KCB3800, 3800L/Min, 0.6Mpa, Gear oil pump
KCB 2500 Bare Shaft Gear Oil Pump
KCB2500, 5400L/Min, 0.6Mpa, Gear oil pump

KCB serise gear oil pump Application:
It applies to delivering non-corrosive lubricating-oil or equivalent liquid without solid particles and fibres at temperature below 300ºC and with the viscosity of 5 x 10¯6 – 1.5 x 10¯3 m² / s (5-1500cSt).
Reducing the speed, the pump can deliver the liquid that the viscosity can be up to 5 x 104cSt.
Application Scope:
It can give performance as transfer pump or booster pump in oil delivery system. It can be also applied as fuel pump for delivery system, pressurization and injection in fuel supply system and in all industry fields as lubricating pump.
Structure Features:
KCB serise gear oil pump,kcb2500,kcb3800,kcb5400 are mainly composed of gears, axles, pump body, pump cover, safety valve and axle-end seals etc. (Special requirement, magnetic force drive and zero-leakage structure can be selected.) The heat treated gears have the advantage of higher hardness and intensity, and rotate with the axles inside the replaceable bearing sleeves. All of pump’s parts can be lubricated by delivered medium when working.
The pump is properly designed with leakage and return chute, which lets the gears bear the least torque force and reduces load and wear on bearings in order to raise pump’s efficiency.
It is also designed with safety valve for protection against overload. The full return flow pressure of the safety valve is 1.5 times higher than the rated exhaust pressure of the pump. It can be also adjusted within the allowance of exhaust pressure range according to circumstances. But please note the safety valve can’t be applied as pressure reducing valve for long time. You may install pressure reducing valve separately on pipe-line if needed.
The direction of rotation is clockwise viewed from coupling end.

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