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Diaphragm pump composition and type selection

Diaphragm pump role in the process control is to accept the regulator control signal, or computer change modulated medium flow, make the modulated maintain within the scope of the required parameters, so as to achieve the automation of production process.If the automatic control system compared with manual adjustment process, the detection unit are the eyes of the people, to adjust the control unit is the brain of a person, then execute unit - diaphragm pump is one of the hands and feet.One in order to realize the process parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, such as adjusting control, cannot leave the diaphragm pump.So the correct selection of diaphragm pump is of great significance in the process automation.

1:composition and classification of diaphragm pump
Diaphragm pump also known as control is the main type of actuator, by accepting conditioning control unit of the output control signal, from engine operation to change fluid flow.Diaphragm pump and valve general, the executing agency.If by their ticket enforcement agencies use the power, the diaphragm pump can be divided into pneumatic, electrical, fluid movement three, namely to compressed air to power sources pneumatic diaphragm pump, based on electric power electric diaphragm pump, as a liquid medium (such as oil) pressure as the power of electric hydraulic diaphragm pump, in addition, according to its function and feature points, and electromagnetic valves, electronic style, smart, the total linear diaphragm pump, etc.Diaphragm pump product type many, the structure is also varied, but also in constant updates and changes.In general valve is common, can match with pneumatic operation organ, also can match with electric actuators or other actuators.

2:the diaphragm pump type selection
 diaphragm pump body type choice in the selection of the valve diaphragm pump is the most important link.Diaphragm pump valve body is a lot of more phyletic, the commonly used is through single-seat, pass-through two-seater, angular, diaphragm, small flow rate, tee, eccentric rotating, butterfly, sleeve, spherical, etc. 10.Before you choose the valve, the control process of medium, the careful analysis of process conditions and parameters, collect enough data, understand the requirement of system of diaphragm pump, according to the collected data to determine the valve type to be used.In specific choices, can consider from the following aspects:
(1) the shape of the valve core structure mainly based on the selected flow characteristic and factors such as unbalanced force.
(2) wear resistance when fluid medium is suspending liquid containing high concentrations of wear particles, the valve core and valve seat joint friction surface every time shut down severely.So the valve flow to smooth, internal material is hard.
(3) corrosion resistance due to the corrosive medium, in the case of can satisfy regulating function, try to choose structure simple valves.
(4) medium temperature, pressure, when the medium temperature, high pressure and large, should choose the valve core and valve seat materials by temperature, pressure changes small valves.
(5) prevent flash flash and cavitation and cavitation in liquid medium.In the process of practical production, flash and cavitation effect not only the calculation of flow coefficient, still can form the vibration and noise, make the valve life is short, so when choosing the valve should prevent the valve from flash and cavitation.

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