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Method and the matters needing attention in the selection of

First, the model selection of the gear pump to choose according to customer specific requirements.
Second, to figure out what is the transmission medium, the gear viscosity.
Third, the gear pump used in actual temperature is more high.
Fourth, the gear pump actual use requirement how high working pressure, the actual line how long, how high is the highest point, line how many bend in the middle.
Fifth, according to the customer the actual pipeline and reasonable to calculate the gear pump in the actual pipeline resistance, line loss.
Sixth, the gear pump have actual transmission medium corrosion, concrete medium PH value is how much, and in the actual use of this medium corrosive if there is any change with the temperature change.
Seventh, the gear pump is conveying medium have lubrication, whether they contain particles or easy crystallization.
Eighth, gear pump in use the existence of positive and negative transfer phenomena.If sometimes use reverse pumping in use, should be noted when ordering.Inversion is prohibited for gear pump with mechanical seal, and conventional oil pump gear pump, gear pump use them if reverse gear pump gear fall off.
Ninth, gear pump need to work under high temperature condition, should be noted when ordering.

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