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stainless 316 gear pumps

A range of applications
ZCK Series stainless 316 gear pumps Scope:
stainless_316_gear_pumps_1inch_2inch_4inchZCK 316 stainless steel gear pump for conveying solid particles and fibers, high temperature or corrosive liquids, ZCK stainless steel gear pump temperature no higher than 200 ℃, viscosity 5 ~ 1500cst similar nature lubricating oil or other liquids.
Flow :1-570 cubic meters / hour
Out diameter :20-350mm
ZCK 316 stainless steel gear pump in stainless steel sanitary conditions demanding applications, such as medicine, food industry: in a weak corrosive occasions, such as chemicals, cosmetics, printing and dyeing, brewing industries.
Structural features:
The stainless steel gear pump ZCK series by the gears, shafts, pump, valve, shaft seals and other component parts, gears after heat treatment have a higher hardness and strength, together with the shaft installed in the sleeve can be replaced within the operation. All parts of the lubrication pump are in the pump work automatically to the transmission medium. There are well-designed pump drain and return chute, ZCK stainless steel gear pump is a gear in the 316_stainless_steel_internal_gear_pumpswork force to withstand the torque of the smallest, so bearing loads, wear small, the pump efficiency. ZCK stainless steel gear pump with safety valve as overload protection. The whole back pressure valve of the pump rated discharge pressure of 1.5 times, which allow the discharge pressure to be adjusted according to actual needs. But note that the safety valve valve can not be long-term work, need to be installed separately in the pipeline.
Two, ZCK stainless 316 gear pumps use:
    ZCK gear pump without solid particles and fibers, non-corrosive lubricating oil, heavy oil, light oil and cooking oil and other industrial oils can be transported. For depots, docks, ships, factories, farms, mines and so on...


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