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Diaphragm Pump Selection Of The Actuator

1:output force
Actuator regardless of type, the output power is used to overcome the effective of load (mainly refers to the unbalanced force and unbalanced torque and friction, sealing force, gravity and so on) the action of forces.Therefore, in order to make the normal work of the air diaphragm pump, with the implementation of the mechanism to produce enough output force to overcome all kinds of resistance, ensure high seal and valve opening.
For double-acting pneumatic, hydraulic, electric actuators, are generally not reset spring.The size of the force has nothing to do with its direction, therefore, the selection of the actuator is the key to find out the biggest output force and rotational torque of the motor.For single acting pneumatic actuators, the output power is associated with the opening of the valve, the force on the diaphragm pump will also affect the movement characteristics, therefore needs to be established throughout the opening scope of diaphragm pump force balance.
2:determination of actuator type
On the actuator output force is determined, according to the process using the environment requirements, choose the corresponding actuator.For the scene with explosion-proof requirements, should choose pneumatic actuators, and junction box for explosion-proof type, cannot choose electric actuators.If there is no explosion-proof pump requirements, pneumatic, electric actuators are optional, but consider from the aspects of energy saving, should try to choose electric actuators.For hydraulic actuator, the as pneumatic, electric actuators are widely used, but have the characteristics of high precision, fast action and smooth, therefore, in some cases, in order to achieve better control effect, must choose hydraulic actuators, such as power plants transparent machine speed regulation, the refinery catalytic device reactor temperature regulation control and so on.

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