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Oil pump

  • Heat-conducting Oil Pump Heat-conducting Oil Pump

    Product Name:Heat-conducting oil pump Manufacturer:Boutou Haina Pump RY Series heat conducting oil pump Abstract: RY Series heat conducting oil pump performance range (according to design points) 1, flow:1-500m3 / h;

  • KCB oil pump KCB oil pump

    Origin: China The product model: KCB53.3 KCB55 Brand: Haina Packing: Marine wooden case Commodity Numbers: hn10001 Minimum order quantity: 1 Payment Terms: L/C,T/T KCB oil pump detailed introduction

  • Gear Oil Pump Gear Oil Pump

    Gear Oil Pump,Buy China gear pump to Botou Haina;applies to transfer non-corrosive lubricating-oil or equivalent liquid without solid particle and fibre at temperature below 300℃ and with the viscosity of 5×10-6~1.5×10-3m2/S(5-1500cSt)

  • Centrifugal Oil Pump Centrifugal Oil Pump

    The centrifugal oil pump can transport diesel, gasoline, kerosene, seawater; Botou production of Haina Pump, centrifugal oil pump.

  • Stainless Steel Oil Pump Stainless Steel Oil Pump

    Stainless Steel Oil Pump Model:kcb1-570 Technical Paramter: Stainless Steel Oil Pump Flow: 1.1m3/h~570m3/h Discharge pressure: 0.28Mpa~1.45Mpa Speed: 720rpm~2900rpm Dia of inlet outlet: 3/4~350mm Aplication: Stainless Steel Oil Pump pump

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