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Gear pump power calculation

The head conversion formula is referred to in the previous article, continue to explain the concept of the oil pump power and its conversion formula. Pump power usually refers to the input power, the prime mover mass support on the pump shaft power, it is also known as shaft power P;

  The effective power of the gear pump, also known as output power Pe. It is fed out from the pump unit time obtained by the liquid pump in the effective energy.

  Effective power: the product of the internal gear pump head and the mass flow rate and the acceleration of gravity.

    PE = the ρg QH (W) or the Pe = γQH/1000 (KW)

    ρ: pumping liquid density (kg/m3)

    gamma: pumping liquid severe gamma = ρg (N / m 3)

    g: acceleration due to gravity (m / s)

The mass flow rate Qm = Q is evaluated (t / h or kg / s)

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